There are few good ways to share a slide deck and video of a presentation after it’s given. 9Slides hopes to change that, with a platform for syncing videos and slide decks that can be watched simultaneously in a web browser or on mobile devices.


People who make presentations available online are generally limited by either having to share the slide deck with viewers or share a video without slide presentations. But there are few good ways to share both after a presentation is given. 9Slides hopes to remedy that issue, by creating a platform for easily uploading videos and slide decks which can be watched simultaneously, either in a web browser or on mobile phones or tablets.

The service, which is currently in beta, helps users sync up the video and slide portions of their presentations and share them online. Viewers will be able to watch both either side-by-side or through picture-in-picture windows. Since the service and video are delivered via HTML5, viewers can watch the sam presentations on a PC or on mobile devices like the iPad.

The service will take advantage of a freemium model, allowing anyone to upload their video-enabled presentation online for free. 9Slides founder and CEO Ruchit Garg said in a phone interview that premium users will be able to create their own channels and make their content private, in addition to other potential features that the startup is working on.

9Slides isn’t the first company to attempt the mashup of presentations: Omnisio, acquired by Google in 2008, enabled the same sort of functionality, but it was shut down and its technology was rolled into the YouTube video editor and YouTube annotations. More recently, Vidpresso launched in a closed beta to combine video presentations with slide decks, but founder Randall Bennett told us he’s putting the project aside to focus on another idea. That leaves the market wide open for 9Slides.

The company is based in Seattle, Wash. and has raised a small amount of seed funding. Garg said 9Slides is currently in the process of raising more money to expand and hire full-time staff.

Here’s a short promotional video to give users an idea of what 9Slides is up to:

Introduction to 9Slides from 9Slides on Vimeo.

  1. I think there are even more players on that market.

    What i found was “Sharetime” by the Germany based company called TV1.EU. Sharetime seems to be a social community for firms who want to share their content within a closed group. The tool even has a webcast feature which enables live-video presentation and of course with the simultaneous showing of slides. this works live and on-demand. There are even more features like live chats and live surveys.

    check it out:

  2. Glad to see there’s a growing demand for tools that help people create video content. Since early 2010, KnowledgeVision (http://www.knowledgevision.com) has been providing businesses with robust, cloud-based tools for creating rich online video presentations. In July, we launched a freemium service called Knovio (http://www.knovio.com) in private beta to enable anyone to create and share video and audio presentations using nothing more than a webcam and PowerPoint.

    Matt Kaplan
    VP Products, KnowledgeVision

    1. You pricing is too much!

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