Green Overdrive [video]: We test ride a Tesla Model S Beta!

The Model S Betas got buffed between rides.

The Model S Betas got buffed between rides.

Electric car maker Tesla has reached a milestone. It’s developed several Beta versions (the production-ready final version) of its second electric car the Model S sedan, and the Valley auto maker is now giving test rides of the Betas to potential customers and the press. For our latest Green Overdrive show we ride in one of the Betas (a burgundy/red beauty) around a closed track at Tesla’s Fremont factory, and we show you how an electric vehicle designed from the ground-up handles. Because the Model S was designed with the car-length flat battery on the underside of the car, it’s center of gravity is low and we took the turns at the track at a blazing speed. Check out our ride and our interview with Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen.



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