Would a 64 GB iPhone affect your buying decision?

Dream specs or unnecessary frill?

Dream specs or unnecessary frill?

New reports surfaced late Thursday night that the next iPhone could come in a 64 GB flavor, according to Apple inventory system information obtained by 9t05Mac. A doubling of internal storage is a reasonable expectation for Apple’s iPhone 5; in fact, many expected it the last time around. But how much of an impact will more storage capacity have on your buying decision?

I wonder, because 32 GB of storage has suited me well now for two generations of iPhone, and I’ve yet to run up against that limit. I have an iTunes library that’s much larger than 32 GB on my Mac, but cycling content in and out is actually something I enjoy, because it keeps my music fresh. Even storing hundreds of photos and apps on my iPhone, as well as a few short HD videos shot with the iPhone 4 hasn’t threatened to put me over the edge.

Apple’s iTunes Match service, which will allow users to store their entire iTunes library in the cloud and download tracks selectively whenever they have an active network connection (Wi-Fi or 3G) should make on-device storage even less of a concern. So, too, does the newly introduced ability to download past purchases of books and apps quickly and easily, without having to remember which ones you bought in the first place. In general, iCloud seems designed to make on-device storage less of an issue for users. On the other hand, if a new iPhone can take higher resolution photos and videos and handle more powerful apps, extra space may be appreciated.

If Apple introduces a 64 GB tier to their lineup and prices their new iPhones they way the company has in the past, the 32 GB version of the iPhone 5 will be only $199 on contract, a $100 discount when compared to the 32 GB iPhone 4. For me, even though I’ve always opted for the largest capacity device Apple offers, the cheaper iPhone 5 looks like a much better deal, based on my past usage.

So I’m curious; how many out there would buy a 64 GB iPhone 5 over a 32 GB version, should one be made available?

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