Research from the University of Texas at Austin argues that companies are not leveraging the data to draw insights that could help improve their businesses. This infographic shows that a 10% improvement in data usability results in over $2 billion in gains for Fortune 1000 companies.


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  1. massive miss – Financial Services…understandable as we have never connected…Tresata is taking big data analytics to Banking & Financial services…powered by Hadoop…and its going to be big!

  2. Agree with tresata, whoever designed this info graphic, how did the miss Financial Services? They must have had their head in a tree.

  3. Manish Godkhindi Saturday, October 1, 2011

    Another miss – Smart Grids and Utilities. The energy business waiting to explode and Big Data is central to that.
    – Manish Godkhindi

  4. Big data equals big opportunities for businesses [Infographic] http://t.co/JOI5mhdY

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