ShortForm’s social channels add videos from Facebook, Twitter

shortform social channels

Video curation startup ShortForm has added a new way for its video jockeys, or VJs, to find and share videos with their followers, adding new social channels into the mix. Those channels will surface videos that users have shared or liked on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, as well as videos uploaded or favorited on YouTube or Vimeo.

Users have always been able to connect with social networks like Facebook and Twitter (as well as StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Digg) to share their channels with friends and contacts. But now that integration will allow users to bring in videos that they and their friends find interesting through those networks.

Now ShortForm will surface videos that users and friends have posted on Facebook, videos they’ve favorited or uploaded to Twitter, those they’ve uploaded or liked on Vimeo, and videos they and their friends have shared on Twitter, as well as those favorited on Twitter. Users can watch and share those playlists with others. And they can drag and drop videos from those social playlists into any other playlist they’ve made, whether it’s private or public. ShortForm CEO Nader Ghaffari said the new tools will let users take “videos that you or your friends have engaged with, liked or shared” and add them to other channels.

The addition of social channels is just the latest feature from ShortForm. Earlier this year, ShortForm added a widget to let users add their playlists and channels to their own blogs and websites. And the latest release comes just about a month after ShortForm channeled Google Hangouts and enabled viewers to create live viewing parties of videos and playlists on its curation platform.

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