Nielsen’s research shows that the US Internet users spend a disproportionate amount of time on Facebook, a trend that should worry everyone else including Yahoo and Google. I guess, Mark Zuckerberg was right in describing Facebook as a once in 100-years-kind-of-media shift.


Nielsen’s research in its latest Social Media Q3 2011 report shows that US Internet users spend a disproportionate amount of time on Facebook, a trend that should worry everyone else including Yahoo and Google, who used to control the majority of our web attention. I guess Mark Zuckerberg was right when he described Facebook as a once-in-100-years kind of media shift. To me, media equates to the ability to attract and retain attention — and Facebook clearly has that.

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  1. Social Media Insider Monday, September 12, 2011

    Would be interested in seeing any data that shows how time on site maps to revenue/profits.

  2. In a world of tabbed browsing with JS refresh, what are the actually measuring?
    See also:

    Attention is a fragile thing, an ad on a minimalistic designed page can get more attention then one on FB/Yahoo’s portal site for example.

  3. Last I saw, the average US Facebook User is on Facebook apx. 12 minutes per day. That’s significant, but, it’s nothing, nada, zip compared to the average US television viewership. Yes, split between stations, but, still. . .(2.7 hours/day). . .

    I do feel like GigaOM is to Facebook as Techcrunch is to Apple. A little skewed?

    1. How are they skewed? They didn’t say anything even remotely sun to favor Facebook. They simply said something that YOU didn’t agree with.

      This article ad nothing to do with television. You chose to include that. For no reason.

  4. Where is Netflix in this data?

  5. I have a hard time believing Netflix doesn’t make top ten here.

  6. What are they measuring indeed? Unless you are a Zynga / game lover, Facebook is about as sticky as a Post-it note. It’s absolutely indispensable, but not exactly a place to linger — at all. And quite frankly, the fact they are turning 1 trillion page views per month into $350 million or so speaks volumes. Four hundredths of a penny per page view. 50 cents per user, per month.

    It’s a good thing they have a lot of users.

    1. What an odd comment considering this article is about just the OPPOSITE of what you said. This article gives FACTS that show that for the average person, Facebook IS a place to linger. Must more so than any other site. BY FAR.

  7. Hello, anybody want to dispose of stock in Facebook ?
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  8. It’s pretty obvious the facts stand on their own. What I think is notable is that Apple is even on the list, and they don’t make a penny from selling website advertising. Although Microsoft is there, you have to wonder if it’s IT professionals search for a bug patch. I don’t dispute Microsoft’s importance, but not for something like Bing as yet.

  9. Google+ and Facebook keep trying to do the same things as far as managing privacy. It still doesn’t resolve the actual privacy issue. The real issue with privacy is Real Names and E-mail address as well as trackers and facial recognition software on those sites. Most people don’t realize that their information is easily sold to companies and other agencies without their knowledge. The users are the products. There’s even an app called FaceLook that can identify and individual and place their name from their facebook account and other various information using the software! The only site around that does not do any of these things is ONLYMEWORLD. The only site out there that is free for use that doesn’t require a real name or e-mail address. I have an account there now and totally love the freedom.

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