Adobe publishing tools will support Newsstand in iOS 5


Adobe announced early Wednesday that it would be bringing full support for Apple’s Newsstand feature in iOS 5. Newsstand is a centralized location through which users can find new digital magazines to subscribe to, as well as browse and manage their existing collection of subscriptions.

According to Adobe, its Digital Publishing Suite will be able to output files that are automatically detected by Newsstand and included among the titles that appear there. Adobe is touting Newsstand as a better way for publishers to promote and sell their periodicals. It’s definitely true that Newsstand, with its integrated “Store” button and automatic display of the most recent issue’s cover, should make it easier for iOS users to discover and engage with magazine content.

Adobe’s backing should help Newsstand’s stock of available titles considerably, since quite a few publishers, including Condé Nast and Reader’s Digest employ the Digital Publishing Suite in creating their iPad magazines. The Suite is marketed by Adobe as a one-stop solution for publishing to iPad, Android and BlackBerry tablets, and Newsstand support should also help it attract more customers who are thinking about how best to approach making the leap to tablets.

Support for Newsstand should be rolling out shortly after iOS 5 gets its general public release, which should be sometime in the next couple of weeks. It’s a sign of the appeal of iPad publishing that Adobe, whose popular Flash platform for online dynamic content was entirely blocked from iOS devices, is now helping spearhead new initiatives by Apple.

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