1. Would like to design a business strategy that includes social network marketing tailored to our work. What is a good way to start?



    1. learn how to build a facebook app that posts a “hey I am doing this” and a “hey I am looking at that” message whenever some gets to the “allow access to my data” portion of the signup.

    2. Hi Jane – feel free to reach out to me directly at molson-at-janrain-dot-com and I can share ideas and point you to some potential resources.

  2. I haven’t been able to find one company that has managed to make social commerce work for them. Not to say that it isn’t coming, but people are selling this idea like a FB like button is suddenly going to make it rain.

    1. It’s certainly harder to find examples of f-commerce success – but I think it’s a mistake to assume that Facebook is the entirety of social commerce. There’s reams of evidence that other social commerce tools, like reviews and consumer Q&A, have measurable impacts on sales, traffic and customer loyalty.
      Full disclosure – I work for a social commerce company. So although I’ve got a vested interest in claiming social commerce works, my company wouldn’t have lasted very long if that wasn’t true!

  3. Hi, Michael – great piece. The links below support your suggestions and offer additional ideas:
    – 4 Ways Social has Changed Success Metrics (also from Janrain), http://bit.ly/mjr6Jx
    – A great piece by Kathy Sierra – “It is not the product-to-users “engagement” that matters, it is users-to-users (and users-to-potential-users).” http://j.mp/jAR6nD
    – Additional ideas from Leo Burnett/ARC and Razorfish (see slides 7-8 at http://j.mp/jHwHI9)
    Dr. Phil Hendrix, immr and GigaOm analyst

  4. Hi Michael,

    I agree with you on reviews being published on the retailer’s website, and even product news, blogs, etc. These content definitely help in SEO. On the otherhand, social media (i.e. Facebook) can be utilised to promote these materials and not the other way around.


  5. We’ve seen the greatest growth on our site in the past 12 months from mobile users. We set up a watered down mobile page, and yet 15% of traffic to our broader web pages are coming from mobile devices. Site owners should not overlook the value of mobile and how its become such a integral component to the web/social networking/e-commerce continuum.

  6. Wow Such a nice explanation of yours. I would definetely implement it in my blog for getting my blog better. Thank you providing us this.

  7. Michael, loved your article. Are you familiar with Addoway? Come check us out. We are an online marketplace that helps shoppers buy from people they can trust.

    1. Thanks Fredrick. Addoway looks like a very innovative service – I like the integration of social graphs and reputation management into the shopping experience. This is definitely worth keeping an eye on as the space continues to evolve.

  8. socialnOtworking Wednesday, September 7, 2011

    “Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” This was supposed to be Facebook’s mission. If social commerce is what they are about now, I would request them to update their mission statement, because some of us do not want our social interactions and graphs to be monetized at all. Some of us would rather do our ‘social commerce’ on Amazon, or the actual retail store – thank you.

  9. Great article, Michael. You make a good point about the need to embrace new growth channels for e-commerce. I also appreciate your take on social and mobile and how to leverage the integration of these channels in the online retail industry today. I think we are all looking forward to seeing how this plays out in the 2011 holiday shopping season. Ecommerce is going to be an interesting space to watch in the coming months for sure.@SocialTIS – SVP,Marketing @Lyris

    1. Thanks for the comment, Tina. You’re right that we are all watching intently to see how this space evolves this fall and into 2012. I thought you’d enjoy viewing a webinar we conducted last week with Sucharita Mulpuru of Forrester. It covers several of these trends in more detail – http://www.janrain.com/resources/for-marketers/webinars/webinar-social-ecommerce-site-2012-are-you-ready.

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