Try not to drool over this fan-made iPhone 5 concept video


Nothing beats watching Apple unveil iPhone hardware at one of their live media events, but some of the concept art created by Apple fans comes pretty close. Case in point: This new video from San Francisco-based 3D animation and digital content studio Aatma, which shows off some amazing features that sadly aren’t very likely for inclusion in a real iPhone


My favorite Aatma-created feature is the laser keyboard, which might finally silence software keyboard critics everywhere. The holographic display is cool, too, but probably more than a few years away from being a realistic possibility. The one thing Aatma may have gotten right is the incredibly thin design, since smartphones in general seem to be getting slimmer, and some rumors suggest we’ll see Apple continue to play that game as well.

The trifling details of reality and cost limitations aside, what would you put into an iPhone 5?


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