Todd Bradley, EVP of the personal systems group at Hewlett-Packard talks to Bloomberg TV about the future of HP’s PC business that brings in more than $40 billion a year. He also makes no bones about his desire to keep running it.


Todd Bradley, EVP of the personal systems group at Hewlett-Packard is grilled by Bloomberg TV’s Emily Chang. Like all corporate honchos he has mastered the art of not saying much, but one thing is for sure: He does want to run the HP’s PC business, if the company does indeed spin it off. We don’t think here are any real buyers for the business and believe that a spin-off is the only real option.

According to Bradley, HP’s PC business brings in more than $40 billion in revenues. That is a third of HP’s total sales. As a standalone company, it would automatically qualify as a Fortune 100 company. Actually, I was fairly impressed by Bradley, though his answers about WebOS weren’t convincing anyone.


via Bloomberg

  1. I wonder why they aren’t including the printer business. It seems odd to spin out the PC business to focus on software/service, but keep printers. They usually sell a discounted printer with a PC anyway.

    1. Parachute optimization. Short term still very profitable, long term term take a look at United Airlines pilots [iPad].

    2. The printer business is the cash cow…

  2. Leo, leo.. don’t bring your failure experience from SAP into HP..

  3. Again Apple is mastering the art of controlling the news about its new jewel.

    Many rumors, too much informations and the world (including me) that is struggling to buy the new phone.


  4. Which was the role of Microsoft in not allowing these companies to innovate?

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