Wow.. just like that Linux is 20-years-old. The Linux Foundation as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations has come up with this infographic that includes stats that illustrate the changes in Linux over the years. There are some great nuggets of information in here.


Just like that — Linux is 20 years old. As part of the Linux Foundation’s 20th anniversary celebrations, the organization conducted a survey about Linux among attendees of LinuxCon in July 2011. The findings of that survey are showcased in this infographic, which illustrates the changes in Linux over the years.

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  1. Subhasish Ghosh Wednesday, August 17, 2011

    Excellent article. Shows the changes that Linux as a kernel and the Linux/GNU system went through the years. Much appreciated.


  2. in portuguese: Casos de Sucesso na utilização de Software Livre – http://www.nixware.net/?p=45

  3. Long live linux

  4. Could 2012 be the year of the Linux desktop ? Woot!

  5. I think you made a mistake. The biggest challenge to Linux is the release of Gnome 3.

    1. Pedro Campos Toledo John Doe Friday, August 19, 2011

      i thik that you made a mistake, gnome is a desktop as you said, linux is the kernel and it have all the functionality of a gnu linux distribution.

  6. Ubuntu wasn’t around in 1991, so how did it have 6% of the Linux market?

  7. What year is ‘then’ is for the ‘distros used’ graphic? I ask because Red Hat wasn’t founded til 1993 and there was no ‘Red Hat Linux’ until 1994…?

  8. Numbers in “Where Linux used most” are wrong: the sums are not 100% in both pie chart.

  9. Ubuntu at 6 % “then” is wrong, the first release was in 2004.

  10. Tibor Horváth Friday, August 19, 2011

    The “then” in case of distributions refers to which year? Most of the distributions in the “then” graph weren’t around in the early 90’s. It looks more like 2002 to me.

  11. Keshavaarao KV Friday, August 19, 2011

    I have recently switched over from Windows XP to Ubuntu on my home computer.

    I simply adore this OS

  12. Not so well done – the legends in some charts are not clear, not very informative… (who was using Ubuntu back in 1991?)

  13. I was born in 1991 and I’m very glad to get older with Linux.

  14. It does become kind of a stretch when you have to include the total number of internet users, and the total number of PCs sold. Those really have nothing to do with linux.

    Linux market share is still less than 1 percent, with Java ME and Other tripling linux’s share together.

  15. Génesis Gabriella G. Monday, November 21, 2011

    20 years of Linux [Infographic] http://t.co/JilOpU5Q

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