Boxee’s new iPad app aggregates videos from your Twitter and Facebook contacts, plays videos files stored on your computer and beams videos straight to the Boxee Box or an Apple TV. Check out a detailed walk-through in this week’s episode of Cord Cutters

boxee ipad app

Boxee just released an app for the iPad that helps you find great videos and play them on the tablet as well as on your TV. We gave it a spin for Cord Cutters:

Show notes for this episode:

  • The Boxee iPad app can be downloaded for free from the iPad app store.
  • You’ll need the Boxee Media Manager to stream content from your PC or Mac to the iPad app. It can be downloaded for free from the Boxee website.
  • Boxee Box users should make sure that they’ve updated the device to the latest firmware. Earlier firmware versions won’t be able to receive video from the iPad app. Check the Boxee forums for more information.

Let us know how you like Boxee’s iPad app, or if you have any other favorite apps to watch videos on the iPad! Fire away in the comments, get in touch with us on Twitter (@cordcutters) or Facebook or email us at cordcutters @ gigaom.com.

  1. It’s look awesome. I loved it.
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  2. Using AirVideo, which totally rocks! I even stream all my satellite Channels to my iDevices.

  3. Graham Lauren Friday, August 12, 2011

    The iPad app is so smart, but the Windows desktop manager is the worst written, least usable piece of shit I’ve ever seen.

  4. I used AirVideo exclusively for a long time, but now Plex rules my video. It automatically identifies my movies and tv shows, and displays the cover art. I guess it depends on the content you have—Plex wouldn’t be nearly as cool if I were watching all self-made content.

  5. Hi is it possible to stream directly from the boxee box to my ipad? I would like to access to the file on my hard drive, which is connected to the boxee box, directly from my ipad.
    Thanks for your answers!


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