1. Facebook Messenger totally has muting support. And lets you change the names of threads. And picture of threads.

  2. Malcolm Bastien Tuesday, August 9, 2011

    I like how Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and Google Huddles are going to push the third party messaging platforms out of the way.

    Since Google + isn’t there with the critical mass yet, Huddles will unfortunately never take off.

    For whatever reason too many of my friends don’t use iPhones so I won’t be able to use that either as much as I would like.

    I know Facebook Message is a solid platform because Beluga was the best there was. The only bad part there is I don’t use Facebook.

  3. cant see these worth using any of them.

    I use google talk,msn,icq,facebook,skype,irc so using one application for one funktion is way to much hassle

    I prefer to use one application for all, yes i cant use every option for every service but its worth ith imo.

  4. Again, Apple iMessage looks and according to the table shown above that it’s the overall winning communication tool.

  5. ha ha ha! iMessage, the iPing of messaging- iNobody uses it

  6. Well, I will stick to plain E-Mail :p

  7. Michael Thompson Thursday, August 25, 2011

    Used G+ just the other day to Huddle with a few folks and it works just fine for those without G+ — it sends a text message to non-G+ users each time the huddle is updated.

    Was able to add and send/receive texts from numerous folks in my contact list.

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