Redpoint Ventures’ Satish Dharmaraj was an investor in, which just got bought by Citrix. We thought now would be a great time to bring back an in-depth chat we had with Dharmaraj where he discussed the future of cloud computing.

Satish still

With the news that Citrix bought, we thought it was a good time to resurface our in-depth interview with Redpoint Ventures’ Satish Dharmaraj. Dharmaraj was an investor in and as Om wrote back in November:

[Dharmaraj] recently sat down with us and discussed the State of SaaS, cloud investments, and the big impact of Amazon on startup economics. He puts on his futurist hats and talks about the impact of mobility on SaaS, big trends in cloud computing and the changes coming to the cloud in the next three years. Watch the video, and see Satish unplugged!

Check out the full interview:

You can also see Dharmaraj in action at our recent Structure conference, where he sat on a VC panel discussing the potential cloud bubble:

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