HP Touchpad and Touchstone dock: first video look


After returning from a Vegas vacation, I found one last jackpot on my doorstep: An HP Touchpad and Touchstone wireless charging dock. Both are review units sent from HP, and the devices went on sale last week. This model is the 32 GB unit, which costs $599, while the optional Touchstone dock is an additional $79. In this video overview of the hardware, you can see similarities to Apple’s iPad; although the Touchpad is thicker and weighs slightly more, it uses the same 9.7-inch capacitive touchscreen display as Apple’s tablet.


When it comes to software, you might be reminded of Android tablets and the BlackBerry Playbook. But webOS stands on its own as well. The multi-pane email view is useful and I really like the Flipboard-like layout available in the Facebook application. Consumers interested in the Touchpad will have to make a software decision however: How long can they wait for a wide variety of third-party apps or are there enough top-tier titles to justify the Touchpad?

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