1. Saman Sadeghi Tuesday, July 5, 2011

    Half a million Android devices are activated every day, and you think Android needs a “boost”??

    1. Saman, in the U.S., there’s evidence showing that iOS sales are outpacing those of Android. Yes, 500,000 activations per day is huge; take “needed” out of the headline if you want, but the post content still holds water, I think.

      1. So you are now quoting Jobs’ statistics where he adds all iOS devices in when talking about smart phone sales? While I agree with most of your article, the headline is misleading.

        1. Kevin C. Tofel Roger Tuesday, July 5, 2011

          Roger, I’m not quoting Steve Jobs at all in the article or the headline. The datapoint on iOS smartphones (not all iOS devices) comes from Nielsen and is linked in the post. As I said to a prior commenter, if the headline makes more sense to you without the word “needed” that’s fine as it’s a debatable point. There’s no debating that Nielsen, based on its research, believes that iOS is growing faster this year than Android in the U.S. however.

      2. And yet the ComScore figures show that Android continues to be ranked as the top operating system with 38.1 percent of U.S. smartphone subscribers, up 5.1 percentage points. Apple has strengthened its #2 position with 26.6 percent of the smartphone market, up just 1.4 percentage points, and RIM/MS are both losing market share as a result.

        The global position, as opposed to this U.S. view, is even more pro-Android, so yes – I think you’re aiming a jab where it isn’t needed.

      3. You, too, Kevin? Where did you see that? The only “slowing down” was Android falling from 53% market share for *new* sales, to 50%, while iPhone still being somewhere around under 30%.

        Seriously, search for an article that says iPhone sales outpace Android sales in USA. You won’t find any.

        1. Lucian, you’re absolutely correct; iPhone sales aren’t outpacing Android sales in the U.S. But that’s not what I said. ;), The Nielsen data shows that iPhone sales have recently grown in the U.S. while Android sales have stagnated or grown as fast as the smartphone market in general. Regardless, I was trying to put the focus on how Google’s services are often better for Android than for other platforms and that if G+ takes off, that can help Android in the future.

  2. Please, if you’re a writer, be a writer: “Google rolled out it’s best social effort yet with Google+.” It should be “its best”, because it is a possessive.

    1. Kevin C. Tofel David Tuesday, July 5, 2011

      Thanks for the catch, David. That one got through edits, but I’ve fixed it.

      1. Lol!!! Spelling trolls- hilarious. Great article, Kevin, way to stay professional.

  3. Well no editing feedback here Kevin ;)
    First off those iOS numbers should be validated soon. But I do agree that Google+ as an eco-system is the bigger story. And rightfully so Facebook and Skype are joining forces to negate it. Not sure though to what success. The release date of the Google+ service will have lot to do with it I guess too.
    As for bigger screen for iPhone – I doubt they will go with 4″ but that’s as big as they will ever dare. You want 4.3-4.5″ as far as I remember. Can’t see you make that decision at the end of the day. You will just feel miserable constantly ;) And then with Android you even have the option of the Sony S2 (my next gadget I think) with pocketable dual 5.5″ screens.
    Overall … can’t agree with you more … Google+ is a platform that brings all social facets into one holistic service – mail, voice, phine, chat, blog, video, etc.

    1. Kevin C. Tofel Tal Tuesday, July 5, 2011

      Don’t kill my 4″ iPhone dream, Tal! ;) I could probably make do with a 4″ phone, although I do like 4.3″ as well. And yes, the G+ platform is looking good. Now: will Google keep the best of it for Android or not?

      1. The real question is can they provide all of the added services on all platform. Like Gtalk e.g. with all capabilities e.g. video. I think not.
        And I am willing to bet (though not on a lot) that there will not be a 4″ iPhone. Its Apple so its going to be like 3.8″ ;) I have a 4″ screen with my Galaxy S and I know what you know for sure – that 4.3″ is so much more screen real estate.

  4. Kevin, Android is a great OS in it’s own right but Google+ need not be a reason for you to avoid going to the iPhone. There have been rumors saying that Google+ for iOS is awaiting app store approval.

    1. Indeed there is a G+ app under review for iOS, Manpreet. But: will it have all of the same functionality and integration points? That’s what I’m driving at with the post. ;) And I won’t be making a new phone decision solely on this (or any other single feature); it’s just another item on my checklist.

  5. The problem with Android adoption is that the mom and pop user is just obsessed with iOS. For example, my mum loves playing Bridge through Bridge Base Online. She wanted to get an iPad because it was “so good”. I mentioned that Android supported flash and so would be a better alternative if Bridge Base Online was her main priority. However, she ignored my suggestion and purchased an iPad instead. While it is possible to play BBO through an app, the experience is far better through Android’s native browser. Nevertheless, she is unlikely to change. The problem is that owning an iOS feels like owning a BMW while owning an Android feels like having a Toyota. Both are cars that take you from point a to point B, but one does it with style.

    Anyway, I am loving my Samsung Galaxy S2! Best super phone in the market.

  6. “needed boost”??? Android is already growing at a much faster rate than anyone else. Many recent reports including ComScore’s report that came out today keep proving this.

    You make it sound as if Android is losing and needs a “boost” to catch up to Apple. In fact, across the world Android devices are tearing Apple apart in sales figures.. this also includes the U.S.

  7. I hope android gives google+ a needed boost.Google+ needs a functionality where it can allow google+ users to send text messages to every one in their android phone book to invite them into circles.That will give G+ the critical mass it needs to stay alive against facebook.The more the no of users jump into G+,the furthur more the no of users will jump into it.

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