Cycling fans have some exciting weeks ahead of them, with the Tour de France starting this weekend. Most of the races will happen during work hours in the U.S., but NBC is selling an all-access pass to watch the entire tour online and on your iPad.

tour de france

The Tour de France may be one of the most underrated sporting events in the U.S., especially given the track record of team USA. Still, cycling fans can hardly wait for the famous multi-leg race to start this weekend. The tour will be shown live on Versus, the Comcast-owned sports network, with repeats and highlights being aired on NBC.

But if you don’t have cable or can’t watch TV at work, don’t worry; the entire event is also available online. NBC is selling a Tour de France all access pass for $29.95, which will get you live HD video of every stage of the race all the way through the final leg, when cyclists reach Paris on July 24.

The network is also promising paying subscribers access to highlight video clips, interviews and other exclusive online content. All access subscribers can even personalize the race by tracking their favorite riders both via live GPS on Google Maps, as well as through a stats dashboard. All of this will also be available through dedicated iPhone, iPad and Android apps, which will be available in time for the race, according to NBC.

Speaking of timing: Versus will begin airing some of the pre-race activities starting this Thursday, but All Access subscribers will get their first live video feed Saturday July 2 at 7 a.m. EDT.

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  1. Not sure I get the questioning of the “track record of Team USA”? Americans have won 9 Tours in the past 25 years. Teams are not organized by country, each team has a very international makeup.

  2. The real bikenerds check steephill.tv

  3. There is any free channel for watch Tour de France online?

  4. This article is somewhat misleading. It makes it seem like the $30 pass gets you access in the iPhone and iPad apps. Unfortunately, the iPhone app costs an additional $15 for streaming coverage. I wish I would have known that before I paid the $30.

  5. Can anyone tell me whether residents outside of USA will have access to NBC AllAccess video? I live in Canada, signed up and paid for AllAccess and now I see a footnote on the site that says “Video available for US residents only”

  6. Really annoying because there is no way to watch this in Canada…you could sign up and watch it last year but they have changed it this year! Any suggestions for watching in Canada…I really want to watch with Phil and Paul!

  7. waterbug100 Sunday, July 3, 2011

    All Access is a complete rip off. You can’t watch the tour live, or watch the video on demand..and they don’t tell you that prior to paying. I am demanding my money back. What a complete disapointment.

  8. to bad i got my i can you the all access pass on linux ps 29.99 is to cheap and i will pay if it work’s oh will nbc don’t not need my money

  9. wasted money Tuesday, July 12, 2011

    video player has major problems. never worked for me. requested a refund and disputed the credit card charge.

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