SocialBase: Social media task management


oneforty, the company that started as a Twitter app store in 2009 and expanded into a buyer’s guide to social media consultants and software earlier this year, has now debuted its own enterprise social media task management software, SocialBase.

SocialBase “is a team collaboration, tools integration and task management system to bring your social media workflow into one central dashboard.” Tasks related to social media can be managed through the dashboard, and team members assigned to specific tasks. The interface also includes a “tools” pane where users can log in to social media directly.

The developer has some interesting suggestions for how to use SocialBase, but I’m not sure what sorts of businesses it will appeal to. I doubt that those already using one of the many project management tools that we’ve covered will want to pay a hefty monthly fee for another system to manage (and another login to remember). Organizations that aren’t using a project management system will probably be better off looking at other enterprise-oriented social media solutions like HootSuite and CoTweet.

SocialBase has three pricing plans: a “Solo” plan for $50/month, a “Team” plan for up to 10 users for $200/month, and an “On Call” plan with unlimited users for $2,000/month. A 30-day trial, a video tutorial, and more information is available at oneforty’s website. You’ll need to log in with Twitter.

How do you monitor and manage your organization’s social media presence?

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