Is This The Next Red Hot iPhone AddOn?

Red Pop

Kickstarter, the crowd funding platform, is changing how we create and consume things. The platform has been responsible for many projects but it was a handful of projects, such as LunaTik and TikTok (both made kits to turn the iPod Nano into a wrist watch), that put the platform on the map¬†for good. Those products recently went on sale at Apple’s stores. This past weekend I found a new project that has a potential of being equally big.

Beep Industries of Manchester, England, the folks who designed Movie Peg, have plans to develop what they call “Red Pop.” The project’s goal was to raise $20,000 but it has officially garnered over $39,000. So what is Red Pop? It is an accessory for your iPhone with a red button that allows you to press the button and snap a photo. You will need a Red Pop app from the App store to go along with the accessory, which weighs about two ounces.¬†Given how many pictures I take with my iPhone, I see the merit of this little add-on.

Brendan Dawes from Beep Industries talks about bringing the button back with Red Pop.

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