100 Cameras in 1, a photo app created by Stuck in Customs, can now export photos directly to Instagram, the first app to do so. If more apps export to Instagram, the upstart photo network could become the center of the iPhone mobile photo experience.

Trey Ratcliff, creator of 100 Cameras and I

Trey Ratcliff, creator of 100 Cameras and I

Of all the apps on my iPhone, the ones that get most attention for me involve photos — from the built-in Camera app to Camera+ to photo filter apps such as Noir, ColorBlast and Hipstamatic. But it is photo-sharing network, Instagram that has become the center of my “photo” universe.

All photos taken and modified on my iPhone almost always end up on Instagram, where I share them with others. Nevertheless, it is not an easy process. I take photos, process them, save them and then have to import them into the Instagram app. I have often wondered why we couldn’t just simply export to Instagram or export from Instagram into other apps.

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Today, half of that wish came true, when Trey Ratcliff, a computer programmer turned photographer emailed to let me know that his 100 Cameras in 1 iPhone/iPad photo app can now export photos manipulated by his app directly to Instagram. 100 Cameras and 1 is a photo filter software that allows you to add more effects to your photos.

This makes 100 Cameras in 1 the first app ever to be integrated with Instagram. It already allows you to share photos via email, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug, and DropBox, as I mentioned in my review of the app from earlier this year.

From Instagram’s perspective, this is a good move. The company had announced an API in February and since then a raft of new apps have come up to capitalize on it. While filters might have jumpstarted Instagram, the company which already has over 4 million subscribers, has to focus on its core value proposition — community and the social interactions around unique visual experiences.

I hope Instagram allows more apps to export directly to its network. By opening itself up to other apps and services, it has the potential to slowly become the hub of our mobile photo experiences. And in the end, that’s is what would make Instagram so much more valuable and in the process become the Flickr of mobile photos.

Here is a video interview with Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom.

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  1. I don’t think so, Om. At least as long as Instagram is an iPhone-only app. Android, Blackberry users and others have to rely on other services for their photos, and they make up a large range of mobile users.

    1. Uli

      They are a small company and I cannot fault them for being highly focused on a single community/platform for now. The focus has helped them improve the service quite a bit.

      That said, I don’t disagree – they do need to embrace Android fast. It will only help accelerate their already impressive growth.

    2. Uli, you said it right. They need to get on Android ASAP. And don’t use the excuse that Android “sucks to develop for”.

      1. OK, so they have an API, and there are websites I can get on that allow me to view instagram pictures. So, hasn’t somebody already written something like droid-stagram yet? Maybe they are hoping with the API that somebody will write an Android app for them, since Android sucks to develop for…

    3. Once Instagram will be available on Android and other platforms, it will be even more huge. They’re only four, maybe the should recruit new developers?

  2. You should check filtermania app
    100 + unique filters, I will hope they will add Instagram as well

  3. I also wanted to congratulate Trey on connecting with Instagram. I love 100 Cameras in 1. It’s going to take me a long time to find uses for them all. But I’m exploring for sure.

  4. motionblurred Monday, May 30, 2011

    Yahoo should feel embarrassed that a such a small startup can come in and become the de facto social photo app on the iPhone.

  5. It’s an interesting idea but I don’t think that it will be Instagram in the end.

    Our own startup http://infostripe.com is a much better mobile hub already and is growing rapidly.

  6. It isn’t the first app ever to have Instagram support, Momento, Foodspotting, and others have had it for months!

  7. Trey Ratcliff Monday, May 30, 2011

    @Sachin – yes those other apps integrate with Instagram, but you can’t send a photo TO instagram FROM those apps. Know what I mean?

    Like the FoodSpotting app, for example. If you post an Instagram photo and use the #foodspotting tag and you have authorized the connection, then the Instagram photo will go into your Foodsptting stream. You can’t take a photo with the FoodSpotting app and send to Instagram. It’s not to say the FoodSpotting app won’t let you send a photo to Instagram in the future — it just doesn’t have it now.

    (and I don’t know about momento, but I think it is like other apps, like Screenstagram, that just pull photos from Instagram… and there are hundreds of apps like that.)

    1. Great stuff Trey. Been waiting for something like this, so I’m definitely going to be giving your app a go!

      In my opinion Instagram is the most exciting new social network going. It’s already replaced Facebook and Twitter for me as the place to go for a bit of social fun.

      Android, web apps, etc. will come soon enough I’m sure.

  8. Ok been hearing about this network enough. O guess I should join the party. Thanks for pushing me over the edge.

  9. It’s an interesting idea but I don’t think that it will be Instagram in the end.

    Our own startup http://infostripe.com is a much better mobile hub already and is growing rapidly.

  10. It’s an interesting idea but I don’t think that it will be Instagram in the end.

    Our own startup http://infostripe.com is a much better mobile hub already and is growing rapidly.

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