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VIDEO: Osama Bedier, Google’s VP of paymentsl, sat down with me after Google’s big NFC announcement and explained why the company is uniquely positioned to grow the momentum for NFC, why Google isn’t sweating competing efforts and how it will handle consumer’s transaction data.

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Google’s big NFC announcement featured a familiar face for mobile payment fans. Osama Bedier, who jumped to Google this February after serving as PayPal’s vice president of platform, mobile, and new ventures, led much of the demonstration for Google Wallet.

Bedier, who is now Google’s VP of payments, sat down with me afterward for a quick video interview and explained why Google moved ahead with NFC, why it’s uniquely positioned to grow the momentum for NFC and why Google is not sweating competing efforts from the carriers or PayPal, who he said are all welcome to join Google’s open platform.

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  1. jedibeeftrix Friday, May 27, 2011

    will nokia join this payment system?

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