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Thought Android was just about phones and tablets? Think again: Google’s new ADK framework makes it possible to build all kinds of hardware extensions for Android devices. Check out our photo gallery for a first look at Android-powered gardening, exercising and robotics showcased at Google I/O.

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One of the unofficial themes of this year’s Google I/O developer conference is “Android Everywhere.” Google announced the release of its Android Accessory Developer Kit (ADK) on Tuesday, making it possible for third-party developers to build hardware that can be controlled by Android phones and tablets.

This will extend the Android universe to a whole range of accessories: Get ready for Android-powered robots, fitness centers and even do-it-yourself vegetable gardens. Take a first look at the future of Android Everywhere in our photo gallery, featuring ten Android devices that you didn’t see coming. Or did you?


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  1. Viva Android! This is absolutely amazing and I, for one, never saw it coming!

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