Would You Pay for Apple’s Cloud Music Service?


Apple might charge for its rumored cloud-music storage service, according to a new report from Cnet . The tech site says “music industry insiders” are saying cloud-storage for iTunes libraries won’t be free, at least not after an initial trial period. What those charges might be is anyone’s guess, but it raises the question of whether or not cloud music is something people will pay for.

Amazon currently doesn’t charge anything for its Cloud Drive and Cloud Player service, at least not until you exceed the included 5 GB limit. You can also get 20 GB of storage free for a limited time when you buy an album, but after the promotion ends, that’ll cost $20 a year. Google is also rumored to be considering paid subscription options for its yet-to-be-announced cloud storage and music service. Apple already charges for cloud file storage through its MobileMe product (though rumors the service will go free persist), so the idea that it would put a price tag on a new iTunes-related service is well within reason.

But even if it’s reasonable for Apple to charge, would you pay for a cloud music offering from the Mac-maker? As someone who already pays for MobileMe because of the convenience factor, I’d likely also be willing to put up a small annual fee in order to be able to access my iTunes library everywhere, from any device, using a service that requires little to no setup or maintenance. But there are other options out there for remote streaming of your iTunes library content, and some might argue cloud-based streaming should be included in the existing cost of iTunes music. Let us know your take in the survey below and in the comments.[polldaddy poll=4974506]

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