Join Us for Cord Cutters Day, Win HD Antennas and Roku Boxes

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Still need another reason to join us next Tuesday (April 26) for our Cord Cutters Day meetups? Then how about this? A number of companies have stepped forward to sponsor the event with giveaways, which means you’ll be able to win an antenna capable of receiving over-the-air HD TV or a Roku box just by attending. Check below for details:

Mohu is sending one of their Leaf indoor HDTV antennas to each and every city that’s doing a meetup. Check the list embedded below for all currently planed meetups, or go to our page on to learn more about meetups in your area.

Roku has agreed to give away two packages, which will include the Roku set-top box, a Roku T-shirt, and a few months of free Netflix, at our meetup in San Francisco. Currently, about 30 folks have RSVP’d for the meetup, which will start at 6 p.m. PDT at The Republic, so your chances are pretty good.

Antennas Direct is sending a whole bunch of its HD antennas to the official GigaOM-hosted meetups in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas. San Francisco alone will get ten antennas, and there will five antennas each to give away in L.A. and Austin as well.

As a quick reminder, GigaOM is hosting meetups in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin and Toronto, and we have invited fellow cord cutters to join us by organizing own events through Right now, it looks like there will be a total of 14 meetups. Check our page for details. Want to still join us and organize your own? Then check our original invitation for a detailed description.

Also, please make sure to RSVP on for the meetup you plan to attend so that meetup organizers know what to expect, and tweet about it using the hash tag #CordCuttersDay. See you all next Tuesday!

Giveaways are subject to change. GigaOM staff members are not eligible to participate.

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