New Report Claims No New iPhone Until Fall


Already we’ve seen a flood of rumors claiming Apple (s aapl) won’t be releasing a new iPhone come June, and Wednesday, a new report from news agency Reuters (s tri) backed up those existing suspicions, claiming a September ship date for new iPhones. As WWDC looms and these stories continue to accumulate, it’s beginning to look like fans looking for a new iPhone fix will have to wait a little longer than usual.

The Reuters report cites “three people familiar with the matter” as the source of the news, who wished to remain anonymous, because Apple’s plans regarding its smartphone are not yet public. The sources also suggested that the new iPhone would be largely similar to the iPhone 4, but with greater processing power. No other details about the phone itself or Apple’s release and announcement plans were shared.

This is likely the most credible report yet regarding the rumored iPhone release schedule change, and one that feels like it might be part of an intentional effort on Apple’s part to manage customer and investor expectations ahead of WWDC. Controlled leaks can be a good way to not only gauge the effect of product design decisions on consumer interest, but also to soften the blow of disappointing news. Were Apple to just go on stage at WWDC, talk about software and call it a night without any advance preparation or warning, it might drastically affect investor, analyst and consumer confidence in the company. If the news is something everyone expects by the time it actually happens, on the other hand, the effect won’t be nearly as severe.

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