San Francisco, Alabama, New York, and Lima, Peru are only a few of the cities with meetups on the first ever Cord Cutters Day, coming up on April 26. Join us to celebrate life without pay TV and show that cord cutting isn’t a myth.

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Some people believe that cord cutting isn’t real, that people would never give up on the $100 pay TV bill. We’d like to prove them wrong with the first ever Cord Cutters Day, happening on April 26th with meetups in cities all across the U.S. and beyond. Here’s the deal:

GigaOM is hosting official Cord Cutters meetups on April 26th in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin and Toronto. And we teamed up with Meetup.com to give viewers of the show, readers of this blog and other fellow cord cutters a chance to participate with meetups in their own.

Honestly, we didn’t quite know what to expect when we posted the first invitation to Cord Cutters Day late last month. But two weeks later, we already have a dozen meetups, with community members organizing their own events in cities like Washington D.C., New York, San Diego, Atlanta and even Lima, Peru. Check the widget embedded on the right or our Meetup.com page to see whether there’s already an event in your community.

Can’t find anything close by? Don’t worry, it’s not too late to organize your own: Simply enter the name of your town in the search box of our Meetup.com page, click on “Count me in,” and you’re registered to attend. Once you’ve RSVP’d, it’s time to step up and get active by picking a location and promoting your event. Check out our original announcement post for a more detailed description of these steps, and feel free to email (cordcutters (at) gigaom.com) if you get stuck at any point.

Also, make sure to follow Cord Cutters on Twitter to keep up with news about Cord Cutters Day – we’ll have a number of give-aways to announce in the coming days. And please tag all your tweets about the event with the hash tag #CordCuttersDay. Let’s get the word out and come together on April 26 to celebrate life without pay TV!

In the mean time, feel free to check out the latest episode of our weekly web series Cord Cutters below:

  1. Anyone on in Orange County Ca, want to set up a meetup for Cord Cutters Day? We got 2 weeks!

    1. Matt, you should definitely do one! Just sign up on Meetup.com/cordcutters and we’ll help you promote it.

  2. Cord cutting is gaining momentum. we spotted some stats here – http://statspotting.com/?p=435 – As entertainment moves online, the number of households moving away from TV subscriptions to completely rely on online streaming has now gone to a total of 1.55 Million.


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