Send Sensitive Data Securely With Lockify


If you want to send sensitive data between team members,  it’s possible to encrypt email using PGP or GPG, but those systems require both the sender and the receiver to install software. Lockify provides an easy way to securely share sensitive data (like a password, bank account or credit card number) occasionally.

Sending a message is simple. Just:

  1. Type the message.
  2. Select how long (or how frequently) it can be viewed by the recipient (“this message will self-destruct in…”).
  3. (Optional, but recommended) Elect to make the recipient verify their identity by typing in a code sent via SMS, answer a private question, or authenticate via Gmail.

You can also specify whether the recipient can copy or print the message, and select a decryption key size. Once the message has been encrypted, you are given a link that can be sent to your recipient via email, SMS, or even Facebook private message. You can track when the link has been used, and make it expire early if needed.

Of course, since we’re dealing with sensitive information, Lockify needs to ensure that it can maintains the security of your data. The service explains how it’s done:

Your private information never leaves your computer unencrypted. And only your encrypted information goes to our server. The decryption key is embedded into the link that you share with your recipient, i.e. we don’t have your key. The result? We never have the ability to access your private information. Guaranteed.

At present, messages encrypted by Lockify are text-only, and are limited to 10,000 characters, although the service says that it plans to support sending files in future.

Lockify is currently in private beta, but you can request an invitation on the service’s website.

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