The iPad 2 is here, and a couple of us here at GigaOM have had the opportunity to put the new tablet through its paces over the course of the weekend. Check out our thoughts and the iPad doing its thing on video.


Kevin got his iPad 2 a day earlier than I did, so he got to have his say on video earlier, too. Luckily, I managed to one-up in at least one regard, and I also shot some video of some iPad apps in action on the new device. Since Kevin’s never content to leave well enough alone, he responded with maximum snark and obviously couldn’t help but mention his beloved Android. Check out both our takes in the video below:

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  1. Carl Hancock Monday, March 14, 2011

    What Weather app is that in the first part of this video?

  2. May I suggest Infinity Sword if you wanna see some REAL improvements!!!! AND what is that globe app at the top of your video?!

    1. App with globe looks like Google Earth.

  3. Sadly Darrell the vain attempt to sell up an android tablet just does (did) not work. You had little to try and sell up. So you use Gmail, wow! and that is so glorious that you need to spend most of the time in a video about “The iPad 2 on video” talking about Google. Now how much were you paid again. Please try and stay on topic next time.

  4. “Honeycomb WILL get better. Xoom WILL get better”. Well I have only one thing to say – don’t spend your hard earned money on potential, on what CAN get better after an undefined period of time. The iPad IS good as of now. That’s all that matters to me.

    1. You are the man, but what if that stupid reviewer compares 65,000 apps against gmail UI on xoom, should we kick him out from reviewer world.

      1. “stupid reviewer” – yikes! If you actually checked my first impressions of the Xoom, you’d find (as a full time Android user BTW) that I found far more negatives than plusses with it.

        And the best stamp of approval is when I spend my own money on a device: which I did for an iPad 2. I haven’t bought a Xoom. ;)

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