In case anyone doubted the iPad’s potential to be an ongoing success, the iPad 2 released Friday appears to be completely sold out across the U.S., according to Piper Jaffray. The report was confirmed separately by Deutsche Bank analysts early Monday.

Moer perspective on how long the line is at the Mall of America. Photo by Andy Flocchini.

UPDATED. In case anyone doubted the iPad’s potential to be on ongoing success, the iPad 2 released Friday appears to be sold out across the U.S., according to Piper Jaffray (via Fortune). A team headed by analyst Gene Munster performed stock checks at various retail locations and found no available iPad devices. The report was confirmed separately by Deutsche Bank analysts early Monday.

It’s no surprise that Apple’s initial iPad 2 shipment sold out so quickly, given how long the lines were on launch day. We had first-hand accounts of the long lines in various U.S. cities on Friday, and I’ve since heard that lines appeared to be at least a thousand strong in at least a few locations. Also, online shipping times quickly slipped to three to five weeks within hours of the iPad 2’s availability.

Munster estimates between 400,000 and 500,000 iPad 2s were sold over the weekend, which would beat the original iPad’s launch weekend sales of 300,000. It’s good news for Apple, but maybe the best news for the company is that around 70 percent of iPad 2 buyers were new to the platform, according to a survey taken by Piper Jaffray. If accurate, that means the iPad 2 is winning over customers who were previously on the fence or uninterested in the tablet market, which could be very good news for the iPad’s growth potential in 2011.

UPDATE: New analyst estimates coming in from Wedbush Securities and Global Equities Research put the number of iPads sold during the launch weekend at closer to around 1 million devices, according to Reuter’s.

International buyers will want to take note of this rapid sell-out, since it could mean you’re in for a longer wait to get your hands on the iPad 2. Last year, Apple had to delay the international release of the original iPad after launch sales exceeded its expectations, making for tight supply.

Were you among the lucky half million who did manage to get their hands on an iPad? Share your purchasing experience and early impressions in the comments.

  1. Grant Gorton Monday, March 14, 2011

    Haha. I had absolutely no problem getting the device. I kind of want to keep my secret though!

    I went into the apple store on Sunday the 13th, and was looking to buy a case. They kept asking me if I had one. Yes I do, and I only waited in line behind 4 people!

  2. No sellout here. A few models sold out, but plenty left at Best Buy. They got more in the next day too.

    1. Where are you? Everything is sold out here!

  3. I was one of the fortunate ones. I had to work Friday until 5PM. The closest retail stores selling the device are 50mi from my town. I went with not too high hopes to the Best Buy… It sold out, 2 Super Walmarts… Sold out… 1 Target… Sold out.
    The Apple store closest to my town is locate in South Park Mall (Charlotte, NC). Me and my husband woke up at 6AM on Saturday ready for the 2hrs drive. When we arrive at the mall there were already 200 persons in line (maybe a little bit over 200). The Apple store opened at 10AM and by 10:30AM they sold out all the WiFi models. I was looking for the 64Gb white WiFi iPad. No luck there either. We checked a couple of Walmarts close by and a Best Buy… You guessed it! Sold out! So being frustrated and taken aback we decided to drive back home. On our way we saw a Best Buy on Highway 74 (Monroe, NC) and we decided to stop by with no high hopes given our ordeals chasing the iPad 2. So we went in the store and I asked one of the clerks “Hey! Do you have any iPad 2 left?”. And to my surprise the girl said “Sure! Please go to the Geek Squad counter”. My jaw almost dropped! So I went there and we were the only ones in line. We waited like 15 min because an old couple were asking questions about their PC. When it was my turn and I asked the girl told me “We have only one left”, “what model?” I asked. “We just have one 64Gb WiFi black”. “I’ll take it!!!!”. I wanted initially the white one, but what the heck! The black is gorgeous too!
    I left the store very happy, with my light blue smart cover, the screen protector already installed, and with a story to tell that I was among the first 500,000 lucky ones! :D

  4. Rob Drobnock Monday, March 14, 2011

    Hi I had a very good experience. First went to local Best Buy at 3:30 pm 5 people in line. Told by manager no att 3g units (which I wanted) . I left and wen 1/2 mile to At&t store, no line I was only one . They took my name and model I wanted and said be back by 5:00 . at 5:00 only 4 of us in store for ipad..

  5. I managed to get my hands on an Ipad 2. I just walked in and picked one up after standing in line. I was #17 in a line of about a couple thousand. I had my Ipad by 5:30pm or so…

  6. I wanted the 32gb WiFi black, so on Friday, outside of Baltimore, MD, I first went to Target around 4pm, there was one person waiting there and was told that they only had 5 of the 64gb Wifi White models. I left there and decided to roll the dice at my local Walmart. When I arrived, it was very organized. They asked you what model you wanted, and if they had it they gave you an index card with a barcode on it, and asked you to wait in line. I was in line with about 6 folks ahead of me, and about 12 behind me. We all got what we wanted, and they had plenty of the 64gb 3G’s left over.

    After everyone finished their purchases, I also picked up a 16gb wifi black. So…if anyone is in the market for a 16gb wifi black, let me know (shawn.arnwine @ gmail.com…just as long as you aren’t a Nigerian Scammer…I’ve already had to deal with 3 of them trying to con me into shipping it to them.

  7. Got mine on launch day at Walmart. I was first in line at 11:00am by 5:00pm there were 25 people. They only 1 32GB 3G/wifi ATT model and only 5 blue smart covers. I walked out at 5:03 a happy camper. I sold my original iPad on craigslist on Sunday the week before launch for 600.00 so my new iPad & cover only cost 214.00!

  8. I ordered two black AT&T 3g iPads 2 at Apple.com 03/11/11 at approximately 2:45am (apple went live with order taking a little ahead of schedule) and both of my orders, I ordered one for a friend as well as myself, have the 3-5 day shipping estimate. The green ‘smart cover’ I ordered from my friend shipped within a couple hours of my placing the order last Friday. My black leather ‘smart cover’ went in shipping Sunday night according to Apple and I awoke this morning to a FedEx tracking number for my 64GB black AT&T iPad 2, and its shipping from Shenzen, China with a March 18th estimated delivery date, my smart case is expected Thursday March 17th although that shipment has only been initiated according to FedEx, no scan lines as of yet. I sold my original 64GB 3G iPad to Gazelle.com for $600.00 (I swooped in before Apple / Gazelle reduced their respective numbers. Strike while the iron is hot, as the saying goes)! Can’t wait to get my iPad 2!!!

  9. i bought 3! the line was so long and i was number 3 in line the person behind me got the last one at walmart. it was crazy they only keep a few at a time in some stores they only keep like 3 and in some 100.

    1. did they give out 3?my buddy went and they only told him 1 allowed

  10. Went to apple store on long island on friday at around 2 pm had about 300 people online. Having the Ipad already didn’t think the wait was worth it. I never expected the demand to be that crazy opening weekend with so many people having the first on.


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