Apple will be refunding customers the $100 difference between first-generation iPads bought before yesterday and those bought after the price drop, so long as the purchase happened sometime in the last two weeks. Not a bad deal for buyers who just couldn’t wait for iPad 2.


Apple wants to make good with customers who feel burned by the introduction of the iPad 2 and the $100 price drop on the original iPad. The company will be refunding customers the $100 difference between first-generation iPads bought before yesterday and those bought after the price drop, so long as the purchase happened sometime in the last two weeks.

The refund has been confirmed by Apple’s sales team and various other outlets, including Electricpig.In order to qualify, you’ll need to have purchased an iPad within 14 days of yesterday’s announcement, which puts the earliest eligible purchase date at about Feb. 16. Customers seeking the rebate will also need to have their receipts on hand.

This is actually pretty generous of Apple, which hasn’t done the same thing with the iPhone or iPod touch, as far as I can remember, unless you count the $100 in-store credit it offered to early iPhone buyers after that device got a price drop, which wasn’t the result of a new model being introduced. It has arranged rebates for customers who purchased Macs on occasion, but only to refund them for major OS updates that launched just after their new machines shipped.

What do you think? Is this a nice gesture, too little, or overly generous given that hardware updates are an inevitable part of buying gadgets?

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  1. Any idea (or way of finding out, other than calling Apple India, the “No Specialists”) whether this applies to non-US customers as well? Apple “launched” the iPad in India only end-January 2010, and sold ALL stocks.

  2. I’m just upset. I bought my mom an iPad on the 11th at Best Buy.

    I think this is a nice gesture and I welcome it. But I’m kicking myself because I knew this announcement was coming, but I wasn’t expecting a release exactly 1 month after I bought it.

    I’m sure she could have waited a month for her birthday present.

    1. Aww Adam. Boohoo.

      1. Ahh..that sucks..Oh well I bought my girlfriend one for Christmas knowing the Ipad 2 would be released in March.. Sounds like you should have done research instead of jumping on the apple bandwagon..

    2. My hubby bought me mine from Best Buy on Feb 14. I just returned it today and got the full refund. I believe as long as you return it within 30 days, you are ok.

      1. Disappointed with BB Carm Wednesday, March 9, 2011

        I bought iPad from BestBuy on Feb 14. Today I went back to the store and asked for return or exchange for an iPad 2. They rejected and said that return should be done within 14 days.

        I argued that the policy on the receipt says everything except notebook and several others can be returned within 30days. The store manager said they have additional policies that are not mentioned in the receipt.

        My concern is that the policy on the receipt is the thing they promised to customers. They should not apply other new, inconsistent policies to customers.

        Anyway the is nothing I can do to change their stand because my money is already in their hands. They just didn’t care my complaint. But I am so disappointed that I will try my best not to buy anything from BestBuy.

  3. I just spoke to two different people at Apple. They are all denying the refund. So wherever this info is coming from. Its incorrect.

  4. I just got a 16GB 3G model off of eBay this week. Do you think I’m eligible?

  5. Apple has always done this with newly introduced products. Customers have a two week window to get a credit or refund.


  6. Apple has always had, for as long as I remember, a 2 week price matching deal. On all hardware they sell, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Macs. This is nothing new. They often discount old models to get them out of inventory, and at that point you have an option to either trade in for the new model, or get the new pricing on the one you purchased.

  7. Called best buy and they said they will not honor it

    1. dont ask bestbuy. go to the apple store and show them the recepit

      1. I just got off the phone with apple and they said there is NO rebate.

  8. Michael McMoon Thursday, March 3, 2011

    check out this article with more details about the refund


  9. I went to the Apple store and Best Buy about a week before the release of the IPAD 2 and no one said a word about the new release. I can understand Best Buy not knowing, but the Apple store……they had to have known.

  10. I just bought my iPad Friday from wal-mart, I’m wondering do the same refund applies

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