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Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger rocked it at the ARPA-E Summit on Tuesday with one of his best green-themed speeches that also received a standing ovation. Here’s the audio of the speech, for your listening pleasure.

Politics of Greentech: Nanosolar, Schwarzenegger & Tax Breaks

Updated: I’ve seen several dozen green-themed speeches delivered by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger over the years. But his talk at the ARPA-E Summit was his best, and kept the crowd in stitches and received a standing ovation. For fun’s sake, I decided to upload the entire audio speech here, for your listening pleasure. It’s got all of the usual canned Arnold lines, plus a lot more (he seems relieved to not have to be so political post-Governorship).

Give it a listen:

Update: And here’s the YouTube video clip:

For more research, check out GigaOM Pro (subscription required):

  1. I tried to listen, but it cuts off after Schwarzenegger agrees with Steven that global warming needs to be fought. Where do I find a longer verison?


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