Cord Cutters Survival Stories: The Antenna Project


What’s it like to cut the cord from pay TV? What’s working, what’s missing, and what kind of equipment does the best job of replacing the cable box? In our weekly Survival Story series, we’re asking cord cutters to tell us about their experiences. This week’s featured cord cutter is Daniel Cooper Clark, who recently installed an outdoor antenna at his house. Check out his photos for all the glorious details:


Daniel Cooper Clark is a musician living in Sebastian, Florida. The views expressed in this guest column are entirely his own and do not necessarily represent the views of GigaOM. Also, just a fair warning from us here at NewTeeVee: Daniel’s photos should be seen as an inspiration, not a how-to guide. Installing an outdoor antenna without proper grounding can be dangerous — so if you don’t know what you’re doing, please contact a professional.

Want to ask Daniel a question? Then fire away in the comments! Send us an email to cordcutters (at) if you have a survival story of your own to share, and please also check out the most recent episode of our weekly web series Cord Cutters:


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