This week’s Green Overdrive is the greasiest yet! We go on a grease pick up and factory tour with the Got Grease crew, which makes a living off of recycling cooking grease from restaurants and hotels and sells it to biodiesel producers.


This week’s Green Overdrive is the greasiest yet! Got Grease is a San Francisco company that picks up cooking grease from restaurants and hotels, recycles and cleans it at its factory and sells it to local biodiesel producers. As founder David Levenson has it advertised on his new biodiesel-burning car, the path is: “From your fryer to your fuel tank.” For this week’s episode the Got Grease crew takes us on a tour of its plant and a local grease run and we learn the messy ins and outs of cooking grease recycling.

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  1. Something about ‘scraping’ and ‘bottom of the barrel’ but not figuratively.

  2. [...] Turning the Bay Area’s restaurant cooking oil into fuel is the goal of the folks at Got Grease. And on this week’s episode of GigaOM TV’s Green Overdrive Show, we go on a grease run and factory tour of their operations! While things do admittedly get a little dirty, Got Grease shows us all the ins and outs of how to siphon fuel straight from the fryer and pump it right into your fuel tank. Check out this week’s episode of GigaOM TV’s Green Overdrive show here! [...]

  3. This whole video was a great advert for electric vehicles …even though they didn’t appear. Ick. ;-)

    The guy you worked with Katie seemed like he was a lot of fun.

  4. @Nick F, Dave Fisher the driver? Yeah, he was hilarious. We had a good time.

  5. Does their collection truck run on biodiesel too?

  6. Katie Fehrenbacher Friday, February 11, 2011

    @jerome, yes, I think so! I’ll double check with them.

  7. this is awesome. i’m really enjoying this video. the driver is quite a character.


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