The Giant Sucking Sound in Greentech: China


We’ve covered China’s rapidly exploding greentech markets — from electric vehicles to solar to wind to the smart grid — ad nauseam on this site. But this afternoon I’m just really struck by how much China is starting to dominate the conversation in greentech sectors. Here’s a round up of todays news, with a couple of our stories from last week. Perhaps all the attention stems from Obama’s first China state dinner in 13 years, which will be held on Wednesday:

  • China Mints Two Wind Billionaires, As It Overtakes the U.S. in Capacity – Forbes
  • California’s Solar Power Increasingly Chinese Made –
  • Evergreen Solar’s Exodus to China – Solar Industry Magazine
  • Special Report: Is a Solar Trade War About to Flare – Reuters
  • Duke Energy, China’s ENN Join to Develop Green Technologies – Bloomberg
  • America Turns to China for Partnerships in Clean Energy — NPR’s Marketplace
  • GE Plans to Announce Projects (Rail, Clean Energy, Aviation) in China Yielding $2.1 Billion in Revenue – Bloomberg
  • Applied Materials, Peking University, the China National Energy Administration (NEA) and the DOE are bringing the Solar Decathlon to China – release.
  • The Key to China’s Smart Grid Market: Partnerships – Earth2Tech
  • Big Chinese Wind Power to Ring In 2011 – Earth2Tech

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