T-Mobile’s first 4G tablet is the G-Slate, built by LG and running Honeycomb, or Google Android 3.0. Specific details on the tablet, which won’t be immediately available, are forthcoming, most likely by LG who today said it would have tablet news for Thursday at CES.


Now I see why that video of Google Android 3.0 was floating around the web earlier today; the Honeycomb tablets are leaving the hive. T-Mobile just announced their G-Slate tablet, a collaboration with LG. Earlier today, LG outed a dual-core Android handset but indicated their tablet news would arrive Thursday, so this could be it.

There are few details in the T-Mobile press release, which indicate a product launch in the coming months. The slate will run Google’s Honeycomb flavor of Android and support T-Mobile’s 4G, or HSPA+ network, although it’s not clear if the radio is capable of using the full 21 Mbps network. Although no information was provided on the processor, Nvidia’s Tegra 2 is a sure contender; it’s already the processor of choice for the ASUS tablets. However, Qualcomm , Texas Instruments and other ARM-based licensees have dual-core products coming soon, so the timing of the G-Slate could play into their favor.

As shown in the video from earlier today, the G-Slate with Honeycomb will support widgets, multi-tasking, and notifications. Certain Google apps, such as Gmail, Maps, and Books are all optimized for the tablet. Also included is support for Google Talk video and voice chat, something I hope will filter down to Android smartphones. While many questions remain about the G-Slate, one thing is fairly certain: The busy bees at CES are likely to announce several other Honeycomb tablets in the next day or two. Watch for more info on the G-Slate tomorrow, as I expect LG will provide the remaining details.

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