A year ago, I predicted that telcos and cable providers would start dabbling in energy management before the ball dropped into 2010. I was right. . . . though about a year too early. Now 2011 is the year this looks like its going to happen.


A little more than a year ago, I predicted in an article for GigaOM Pro (subscription required) that telcos and cable providers would start dabbling in energy management before the ball dropped into 2010. The idea was that the service providers could use their networks (fiber, cable, cellular) to connect with smart appliances, plugs, meters and thermostats in homes and create a sort of broadband-enabled smart energy efficient home.

I based the prediction back then on interviews with several startups selling into this market, as well as the broadband players themselves. Well, turns out that I was right…but about a year too early.

Now as we kick off 2011, the broadband-enabled smart energy home has finally made some real headway, which I describe in this post for GigaOM Pro (subscription required).

Milestones indicating that the telco smart energy home is becoming a reality include:


Earlier this year Consert, a startup with a home energy product that connects via cellular networks, jumped onto my radar when it announced that it raised $17.7 million from Verizon Ventures (the VC arm of Verizon), phone chip company Qualcomm, utility Constellation Energy and GE Energy Financial Services. And in late 2009 home automation and energy management iControl raised $45 million in funding from cable company Comcast, Intel Capital (VC arm of the chip giant), networking heavyweight Cisco, General Electric and security firm ADT, along with traditional VCs Kleiner Perkins and Charles River Ventures.

Yes, all of these moves are still experimental, but the service providers are clearly on the path of weaving energy management into their overall smart home offerings. Now we’ll see in 2011 if consumers will buy the services.

Read more about why all of these moves are important and what the future of the smart energy home will look like in my latest article for GigaOM Pro (subscription required).

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  1. Maybe it’s just to delay the dumb pipe provider they don’t want to be! And of course it’s additional money they can make with it.

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  3. Katie Fehrenbacher Monday, January 3, 2011

    @Spanwite. Agreed. It’s not out of the good of the planet for sure.

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  5. Katie – the creation and adoption of a home smart grid has been widely discussed and debated since 2007. To recycle and peddle this concept as your own prescient insight is disingenuous at best.

  6. Broadband providers are very creative when it comes to creative selling, bundling and taking that extra money from your wallet monthly just for the convenience “You always wanted but never heard of”. Yeah, and also never needed. I’ll have to see that smart home pilot for myself, test it, and then, if it is of reasonable use, maybe I’ll recommend it to some of my clients.

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