How Much Did You Spend on Apps This Year?


With apps being sold at an average price of less than $2.50 each, what could possibly be driving speculation that app sales could be a $35 billion industry by 2014?  If you have an iOS device, then the answer is you.  On average, early in 2010, iOS users were spending a little over $4 each month on apps. With over 120 million iOS devices sold as of September, and 6.5 billion combined app downloads, it’s easy to see where ambitious sales estimates are coming from.

Sales numbers are all well and good, but instead of looking at the industry numbers to see who is correct, and what report is on track, look instead at your own personal buying habits and draw your own conclusions. I pulled together my own numbers and here’s what I found. Since purchasing my iPhone 3G back in September 2008, I’ve spent $825 on 676 apps (274 or 40 percent were paid apps, and 402 or 60 percent were free apps). I’m obviously helping bring that $4 average up by spending approximately $30 per month on apps. If every iOS user out there were buying apps on a monthly basis like I do, then Apple would already have its own $35 billion dollar industry today.

To find out this information, I used an OS X application called App Store Expense Monitor from WetFish Software.  It’s simple enough to use, just download and launch.  It gathers information about your app purchases by reading the file names of your iPhone applications from your iTunes folder on your computer.  It then retrieves prices and presents the total amount of money you’ve spent.  The results are exportable for further review and analysis.  So what are your numbers like?

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