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Your weekly Green Overdrive episode is here, and we’ve brought you the ins and outs of the concept Honda Fit electric vehicle, an EV version of Honda’s cute and boxy Fit line. It’s the company’s first pure EV since the late 90’s.

Honda Fit EV

Like so many of the big automakers, Honda is bringing back its plans to produce an all-electric car. In the late 90’s Honda abandoned its all-EV project, but at the LA Auto Show last month, Honda showed off the concept version of an all-electric Fit. The Fit is a solid brand to electrify (boxy, cute, young owners) and we can’t wait to drive the EV version. For this week’s episode of our Green Overdrive show a Honda spokesperson shows us the ins and outs of the concept Honda Fit EV. It won’t be available until 2012, and only in select urban markets, so don’t hold your breath.

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  1. Rock on, Honda. I’d love to beta test the whole package.


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