Social Networks Allow Companies to Call on “Contingent Workforce”

Ray Garinger, Mavenlink, at Net:Work 2010

Ray Garinger, Mavenlink, at Net:Work 2010How do you expand the human cloud and reduce hiring risks within your organization? That’s the question Ray Grainger of Mavenlink wanted to answer in a session at GigaOM’s Net:Work event.

In today’s workforce, it’s important to be able to call upon talent not only internally, but from the ever-expanding pool of what Grainger calls “the contingent workforce,” external people who possess specific skills needed for particular projects and tasks, but how do you find them, especially when it comes to high-risk projects?

“The new frontier is in trust and referrals,”  Grainger says, and finding these key resources comes down to HR systems, using a combination of tools and talents to locate the right person for the job. In today’s world of social networks, he claims, “people go to people they know,” in what he refers to as “a trusted economic network.”

Through the use of these trusted networks, as well as online workplaces, we’re able to expand the human cloud and locate trusted talent that can handle virtually any kind of project.

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