OK Go have amassed close to 110 million views on their YouTube channel – but the site’s partner program hasn’t made them rich just yet, I was told by Tim Nordwind and Damian Kulash in a video interview that also revealed surprising news about Michelle Obama.

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Being a YouTube partner is a nice additional revenue stream, but it’s not enough to pay anyone’s rent, said OK Go’s lead singer Damian Kulash when he and his fellow bandmate Tim Nordwind sat down for a video interview with me this week during an event for Dolby Labs. “But for the most part, all of our 10, 20, 50 revenue streams are all small streams that add up to something,” he said. Watch the entire interview below:

Kulash and Nordwind also told me about an email from YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley, who personally invited them to join the site in 2006. “He had confidence even then that it was gonna be a big thing,” Nordwind said.

Our own Liz Shannon Miller interviewed Kulash earlier this year when OK Go’s record company EMI decided to disable embedding for all of the band’s videos, which had previously gotten millions of views specifically because they could be shared so easily. OK Go has since left EMI to form its own indie label, and the two bandmates told me that, since then, things have gotten much easier in terms of pursuing interesting music video ideas. “We are the only flag pole we have to run things up now,” said Nordwind.

Make sure to watch the entire video to learn why the only person that really keeps them in check these days is Michelle Obama…

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  1. MysteryGuitarMan apparently BOUGHT a house. Make more videos & less Rube-Goldberg machines.

    1. But then YouTube will limited to only cheap productions. No dramas. No documentaries. Nothing above a webcam and a chair.

  2. Next time you do an interview, realize that we need to hear the interviewer as much as we need to hear the interviewees.

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