The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a nice small tablet, and I often get asked if there is a dock/ stand for using the device at the desk. This video shows a simple stand that is commonly available for around $5 that serves the purpose nicely.

Five Dollar Dock

Buying a mobile device is often just the start of a time-consuming, expensive process of finding the perfect accessories to help get the most out of the new gadget. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the perfect example; I often get asked if there’s a dock for using the tablet at the desk. There’s a simple stand that can be found for around $5 that serves the purpose nicely, and even works with most smartphones. Take a look at the short video of this cheap stand in action.

The stand is perfect for playing the addictive Angry Birds game, which runs quite nicely on the Galaxy Tab. Here’s a look at just how well it runs on the Tab.

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  1. It’s kinda silly that Samsung didn’t integrate a kickstand in the design of the Galaxy Tab, ala the Nokia N810. Wouldn’t have added much cost at all.

  2. Will the dock (wink, wink) also work with the iPad? Or is it a little top heavy? Because if it does I’m off to staples this afternoon.

    1. The iPad is too top-heavy for this little device. I’ll bet they have other styles at Staples that might be worth checking out, though.

  3. Nice find James. You could also look for small stands at a Display store. I used to use a small folding wire frame piece to hold my Newton. For $3, it was hard to beat.

    1. The best part of this little stand was that I already had one on my desk with business cards in it. :) What a waste. :)

  4. Your title is a bit misleading. It would have been more appropriate to name it “$5.00 Samsung Galaxy Stand” Clearly this is not a “Dock” You should Google “Samsung Galaxy Dock” to see what a real “Dock” is.

    On a side note, I’d much rather buy this http://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/galaxy-tab-accessories/ET-GTABBECGSTA

    So that not only does it protect my TAB I can also use it as a “STAND”. You can find them on the web for $25.00.

    1. Fair enough, I tend to use dock and stand interchangeably as I use them as stands primarily.

  5. I’ve used those for stands for various devices in the past. One recommendation, you might consider improving the stand by coating it with a rubberizing compound to improve friction between it and the desk and the device, so that it doesn’t move around accidentally. You can get the stuff at most any hardware store. It is used for coating hammer handles, axes and the like, but I’ve found it useful in all sorts of circumstances. The brand I’ve used before is called Plasti-dip or something similar.

    1. I intend to do just that to give it a little more “sure-footedness”. Thanks.

  6. This one (for the Galaxy) works great and it’s even cheaper (6 for $8).

  7. I’m using a stylish stand from http://www.groovystand.com
    Works great with my iPad and Galaxy tab

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