Cloud Computing has been growing in influence and the potential of the market is only coming into focus. A handy infographic from Cloud Hyper Market shows how far we have come. A breakdown of the market and trends, by the numbers.


Cloud Computing By The Numbers

Infographic courtesy of CloudHyperMarket

  1. Just wondering how Amazon’s AWS could be left off the “Principal Actors of Cloud” section in the Infographic…unless Rackspace, Microsoft, and Zoho were paying for the analysis. Google belongs there, but Rackspace and Zoho instead of Amazon?

  2. Tom -

    I agree with you that Amazon is missing from there. AWS is a fine service. But you’ll also see that Google’s AppEngine is missing (they only included Google Apps).

    I think they were focusing more on the front-end apps, specifically e-mail. And that’s why you see that set of companies in there.

    And no, Zoho did not “pay” for the analysis. I think our 20+ cloud apps for businesses and our more than 3 million users speak for themselves! :)



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