Coworking: How Much Does It Cost?


We’ve written extensively about the benefits of coworking — the growing movement of independent café-like collaboration spaces for freelance professionals — here on WebWorkerDaily. But how much does it cost to rent a desk at a coworking space?

Deskwanted, a online marketplace for coworking desk space,  has carried out a study to determine average coworking costs in the U.S., the UK and Europe. A membership that includes a permanent desk with 24-hour access costs an average of $365 a month in the U.S; a similar space in the UK will set you back $342 a month, while in mainland Europe the average cost is $362 a month.

The study also looked at the cost of renting a desk on more flexible terms, which revealed a much greater variation in costs between regions. In the U.S, a flexible desk arrangement (such as working on shared tables during office hours) costs an average of $150 per month, while elsewhere it’s much more expensive: at an average of $263 per month in the UK and $259 per month in Europe. The cost of renting a desk for a day also varies quite markedly between the regions: $23 per day in the U.S., $25 per day in Europe and a whopping $51 in the UK. Deskwanted’s analyst Carsten Foertsch believes that the variation in prices is due to the fact that American coworking spaces offer a great variety of plans compared to those in the UK and Europe, which tend to be more standardized and include facilities not generally included in the U.S.

How much do you pay for your coworking space?

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