The special person in your life may already have an iPad, so if you’re wondering what to give this holiday season, you should consider the Vario stand. It clips onto the back of the iPad, becoming a stand that holds it in almost any position.


There’s a good chance the special person in your life already has an iPad , so if you’re wondering what a good, iPad-related gift might be this holiday season, you may want to consider the Vario stand from Zerochroma. The Vario is a thin plastic shell that clips onto the back of the iPad, becoming a stand that props the tablet up in a variety of positions. The rotating stand can be adjusted to work in either portrait or landscape orientation, and can also serve as a handle for holding the iPad in comfort.

The Vario snaps onto the back of the iPad for instant use as a stand, and only adds a small amount of weight, unlike some other cases. It has a textured surface, so the iPad isn’t slippery in the hand with the Vario attached. It only adds a tiny bit of bulk to the thin iPad; I don’t normally like cases that add weight or bulk, but find the Vario to be tolerable given the benefits of using it as a stand.


The Vario serves double duty, as in addition to the stand feature, it can be snapped onto the front of the iPad. This turns it into a screen protector, which may come in handy for those who throw the iPad into the bag with other gear. The Vario is definitely worth a look if you are wondering what gift to get that iPad toter in your life for the holidays. It’s not cheap at $69.99, but is solidly built and attractive. Zerochroma has other versions of the case for the iPhone, iPod touch and the Kindle, with a model “coming soon” for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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