Is hardware dead? Has the energy gone out of the SaaS market? How has Amazon impacted the economics of it all? Find out in our sit-down interview with Satish Dharmaraj, co-founder of email startup Zimbra, who’s now a partner at Redpoint Ventures.


Satish Dharmaraj, the co-founder of email startup Zimbra (that was acquired by Yahoo for $350 million), left the entrepreneurial world and joined Redpoint Ventures as a partner. Very quickly, he has become one of the most active investors in the cloud computing/web infrastructure sectors. His investments include Cloud.com and StorSimple, among others.

He recently sat down with us and discussed the State of SaaS, cloud investments, and the big impact of Amazon on startup economics. He puts on his futurist hats and talks about the impact of mobility on SaaS, big trends in cloud computing and the changes coming to the cloud in the next three years. Watch the video, and see Satish unplugged!

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  1. Satish is great as usual. Very relevant questions and succinct responses.
    Though not sure how opex comes down as a result of cloud. Capex for sure.
    He talks about mobility, latency, security in the cloud, data migration,

  2. I believe he can convince the geniuses at the Yahoo M&A dept to acquire his investments.

  3. He had more hairs when he came on your show . Look what couple of years at yahoo can do to you.

    1. Great observation! I am sure I will remind him when I see him next.

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