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TVs, streaming media boxes, Blu-ray players with Netflix and Hulu Plus support: There’s so much to chose from this Black Friday, so what are you buying? A big screen for your web videos, a hard drive for your downloads? Or are you waiting it out?

Apple store black Friday sale

Let the shopping madness begin! Black Friday has started, and some of you might be reading these lines while camped out in front of your local Best Buy, Apple store or Toys R Us (Hanna Montana TVs, anyone?), while others are getting ready to reload Amazon.com every few minutes.

We’ve compiled our own list of Black Friday deals for cord cutters, but we also want to know: What are you buying this time around? Blu-ray players, complete with Netflix and Hulu Plus?  Bigger hard drives for all those video files? Tablets to watch clips on the go? Or maybe even a new TV to finally enjoy web video on a nice 50” screen?

Let us know with the poll below, and feel free to elaborate in the comments!

Image courtesy of Flickr user jardenberg.

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  1. Purchased a Drobo and 2 1TB WD Green drives this weekend.

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