A Google TV Blu-ray player for $300, an antenna capable of receiving OTA HD TV signals for $5 and a Roku box for 20% off: Those are only a few of the Black Friday deals we’ve found for people ready to cut the pay TV cord.


Oh, alright, we admit it: We try to resist the lure of Black Friday every year — but come Thanksgiving, we get all jittery, browsing countless catalogs and reloading Engadget non-stop.

Of course, the big challenge is to find the good stuff buried between all those Kindles and Zunes and washing machines, which is why we decided to come up with our own selective little Black Friday shopping guide for practicing and prospective cord cutters:

VOD deals

Media streamers

  • Roku offers 20 percent off a Roku XD when bought via The deal starts Friday morning at 12:00 AM PST and it will run through the weekend.
  • Neuros has its 320 GB Neuros Link Phantom for sale for $249.99.

Flip cameras

  • The Flip UltraHD U260 will sell for $99 at Walmart and Best Buy.

OTA antennas

Blu-ray players

We will update this list with more deals as they come to our attention. Please add your own finds to the comments!

Image courtesy of Flickr user djLicious.

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