8tracks, a New York-based startup, has teamed up with Rolling Stone magazine. They are featuring some awesome playlists created by the likes of Annie Lennox, Bono and hip-hop artist, Cee Lo. This is exactly the kind of creative thinking/partnership established brands need.


With the holiday season already in full swing here in the U.S. (loose translation: malls are packed), I’m feeling festive, and that means listening to music. Of course, between iTunes’ shuffle feature and social recommendations on Spotify, I don’t have much need for anything else.

Except, 8tracks, this little start-up from New York, makes sure that I don’t forget about them by continuing to do cool stuff. 8Tracks is a free web service that allows you to make and publish playlists and share them with your friends, who can stream the songs and listen to them.

The company just launched a partnership with Rolling Stone magazine. The long-in-the-tooth music magazine asks fifty of the top musicians to pick their favorite tracks and publishes their playlist on its website. 8tracks makes it easy for you to listen to those playlists when you go to the Rolling Stone website.

Nevertheless, there are some great playlists, like the one I am listening to right now — Annie Lennox’s Women with Soul playlist — which is turning out be a nice way to kick off the day. This is exactly the kind of creative thinking/partnership established media brands such as Rolling Stone magazine need, because it leverages their core competency and marries it to new technologies!

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  2. Congrats David and all the 8Tracks team!!


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