10 Key Questions That Will Be Answered at Net:Work

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It’s now less than three weeks to our first Net:Work conference, where we’ll be bringing together executives, VCs, HR professionals, web workers and entrepreneurs to discuss the “human cloud” and the future of work. So what are the key questions attendees can expect to have answered at the event?

  1. Can any business become entirely virtual, and what are the challenges in doing so? We’ll talk to some companies that have made the shift.
  2. What collaboration technologies should businesses be looking to invest in? There’s a bewildering choice of collaboration tools available in the marketplace now. Where is the industry heading next, and where should businesses be spending their dollars?
  3. How do you design a collaborative organization? A mobile, distributed and collaborative workforce will impact the way that teams are organized. We’ll discuss the key factors to consider when building an enterprise for the future.
  4. How do you prepare your team for a shift to remote work? Are workers ready to become more distributed and mobile? How can business leaders help their teams to adjust?
  5. How can you leverage the human cloud? In the same way high-speed Internet access disrupted the corporate IT market, creating a “cloud” of web-enabled infrastructure, the human cloud is shorthand for how the web has disrupted the way we work. We’ll talk to companies using the human cloud and some of the online services that enable it. We’ll also take a look at who the online workers are, how they’re working, and the key trends for 2011.
  6. How do you deal with information overload? The modern workforce is more connected than ever before, but with that connectivity comes a deluge of information. We look at strategies to deal with the information tsunami.
  7. How do you manage a remote team? With distance, the nuances of in-person communication are often lost. We’ll examine what businesses can do to make the work relationship more productive, human and effective.
  8. How can the web help in HR? As workers become more mobile and more independent, attracting and retaining talent is likely to become a key issue. We’ll also look at how social networks can reduce hiring risks, and investigate where and when automation works, and where and when a more human touch is needed.
  9. How do you build a company culture when your team isn’t co-located? The web enables you to build a company using the best talent located anywhere in the world. But when members of the team are located worldwide, creating and maintaining a company culture is challenging. We’ll discuss strategies for bringing everyone together.
  10. What does the campus of the future look like? As more employees demand the ability to work remotely, the campuses of the future will address different needs of those today. How do flexi-spaces and coworking fit into the picture? We’ll take a look at the trends emerging now, and what the corporate campus of the future will look like.

Net:Work will be held at the Mission Bay Conference Center on Dec. 9. Register here!

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