Shortform Upgrades UI to Enable Video Curation


Today at NewTeeVee Live, the video curation site Shortform is launching a new user interface to make the process of creating your own video playlists simpler. The site, which launched in late June, has so far brought in hundreds of “video jockeys,” or VJs, who use the site to create channels of YouTube (s GOOG) videos around whatever interests or themes strike them.

For example, the site Peternity, which offers pet memorial services, has put together a collection of pet videos (which, one presumes, might remind pet owners why they want to shell out for a biodegradable pet urn).


Shortform’s business model is based on placing interstitial ads in between each curated video, though they have yet to partner with an ad network — something Shortform CEO Nader Ghaffari says will change by the end of the year.

According to Ghaffari, Shortform does not screen VJ channels for potentially offensive or copyrighted material: “We leave that to the sources of content that the VJs are drawing from. When a musician DJs, they’re feeling their audience,” he said. “We don’t interfere with what VJs do.”

Developments to come in the future include the ability to include videos from other sites, such as Vimeo (s IACI) or Dailymotion, as well as adding an embeddable widget that blogs and websites can incorporate into their own sites.

Another thing to come down the line will be revenue sharing with VJs whose channels have attracted a large audience. “We’re going to have to figure it out,” Ghaffari said, “But I definitely see a future where successful VJs are getting paid.”

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